Workers make $1? Well, CEOs make $272

Workers make $1? Well, CEOs make $272

agosto 3, 2023 Desactivado Por Staff

Worker strikes are at an all-time high. And CEOs continue to claim they can’t afford to pay workers a living wage. Yet, the annual AFL-CIO Executive Paywatch report shows the CEO-to-worker pay ratio in the United States is at its second-highest level ever. With performers, writers and many others on strike, we are highlighting the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming our economy and its connection to CEO pay. It’s not right that while CEOs are rushing to incorporate AI into their businesses, worker wages are falling behind inflation.

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CEO-to-worker pay ratios remain unacceptably high. This is why unions make a difference. Unions change the power dynamics in the workplace and give working people a say in our wages, benefits and working conditions. Do you or someone you know want to learn how to form a union?

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