New coaching opportunity for USHCC businesses!

At the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Educational Fund, information and resource sharing is a core component of our work. We are happy to announce a new coaching opportunity for USHCC businesses: Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs. This program aims to ensure businesses are supported and nurtured with key resources and opportunities for their success.

Join the Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs

program offered by Chase for Business.

With the Curated Coaching for Entrepreneurs program, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with an expert entrepreneurial coach on your schedule and develop a long-term plan around your business’s needs. Walk away with:

  • Actionable insights,
  • A personalized game plan, and
  • Strategic tools to help you grow your business on your terms.

The program’s current session, Understanding Options for Business Funding, will help you determine if it’s the right time to seek outside capital, explore different funding options and show you how to prepare.


To sign up and get additional educational resources for your business, visit be sure to share this opportunity with others in your network by forwarding this email today!

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